Jana B Sexy Model Teasing In Layer Of Red Stockings Over Black Sheer Nylon Pantyhose At Layered-Nylons

Jana B was ready for bed, but not quite! Not until she had shown us her layers of red stockings, suspenders and sheer black pantyhose she was wearing in the bedroom.

Jana’s short, red nightie opened at the front, barely covering her breasts as it hung down to the level of her thighs above the red stockings that she was wearing over her black nylon pantyhose.

A red satin garter belt embraced her hips and the suspenders stretched down to the tops of her stockings, framing her mons pubis which lay slightly obscured beneath the dark layer of her nylon tights.

Laying on the bed sideways, she pushed her hands between the tops of her red stockings and the contrasting layer of black pantyhose, causing the suspenders to pull and stretch as she moved her hands under the tense nylon. The perfectly round cheeks of her ass looked fabulous in their layer of black nylon, as she lay forward to open her legs and give a view of her crotch sans panties from the rear.

Jana then slipped off her heels and lay back, pressing her legs together and lifting them up high to offer close-up views of the soles of her nyloned feet as she pointed them upwards.

See Jana B teasing in her sexy layers of red stockings, suspenders and black, sheer nylon pantyhose in this 135 image photo set at Layered-Nylons.

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